In Ecuador, Oil Boom Creates Tension

An oil pipeline runs through this village to a Chinese rig at the end of the road. At night, when the rig is pumping, the pipeline is too hot to touch, but villagers say that in the morning, it’s a good place to dry laundry. ...

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Why Latin America Will Be A Tough Solar Market To Crack

That’s because Latin America doesn’t have the same levels of generous government incentives that subsidize project costs or guarantee high prices for solar electricity in countries such as Germany, United States, Japan and China, said Adam James, a solar analyst at GTM Research, during a webinar on Thursday. ...

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Petrobras to Quit Huge Brazil Oil Field

Brazil's state-owned oil company, Petrobras, and its partners plan to abandon the major Bem-Te-Vi offshore oil prospect to concentrate investment on a larger discovery nearby, a source with direct knowledge of the decision told Reuters. ...

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