Co-operation With America Throughout

Co-operation With America Throughout

Only through powerful and close-knit coalitions with strong forces can Cyprus escape the grasp of the European Union appointed Troika and thus deter greater and more fatal actions against her in the future.

The Geopolitical Basis

The hydrocarbon discoveries in Cypriot waters, part of the Eastern Mediterranean bonanza, were “Godsent”. However, a bigger gift for Cyprus was the weakening relations between Turkey and Israel. This rift forced Israel to seek a multifaceted and mutually beneficial co-operation with the Cypriot Republic.

The current Cyprus economic crisis, a tragic evolution from a robust economy to one in shambles, the result of corrupt and insane banking practices, has turned this relationship with Israel into a two-way street for both countries which seem to be taking the right steps in fomenting closer ties.

The recent visits by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus coupled with the visit of the Defense Minister of Cyprus to Israel today, is to prepare the ground for the upcoming President’s visit to Israel. Along with the ‘joint communique’ both countries issued about deepening and strengthening the co-operation between them, the visits allow for speculation and study of a proposal for a strategic co-operation or alliance among Cyprus, America and Israel. The possible imminent conflict of America and Israel against Iran, in order to destroy its nuclear programme, constitutes a historical time for experts to immediately study this proposal.

The main issues of the present article are:

First, to focus on why America and Israel might ask in order to secure Cyprus’s co-operation or even participation in imminent actions.

Second, to indicate the specific national interests of Cyprus which will be promoted through this co-operation. The logical Cypriot demands and exchanges that she should ask, considering their long-term repercussions, both positive and negative, that will emerge from these decisions.

Finally, Cyprus needs to acquire both the capability and readiness to adhere to the obligation that might eventually be agreed upon.


Informally, because of America’s veto on Iran, the Security Council will classify Cyprus in the camp of those countries that will be considered unfriendly, along with America, Israel and maybe Britain. Here the term ‘Informal’ has the following meaning: In a draft resolution by the Security Council, any attack against Iran as well as any Iranian retaliatory strike against non-military targets, will be condemned etc.. Such a resolution, however, will be inactive-informal, because of the certain veto by America.

The damage for Cyprus, if she is to be included in such a Resolution, will be small, in comparison with the advantages that such a Coalition will bring for Cyprus. It must be noted that Turkey, who has ignored all the Security Council draft Resolutions, was herself a member of the Security Council.

United States

This will be the first time that Cyprus will align itself with the Superpower. To what extent this alignment will be will depend on the degree of the unreliability of Turkey vis-a-vis the US; consequently, how much room will be left for Cyprus’s involvement will depend on Turkey.


For decades Britain has monopolized the geo-strategic value of Cyprus without ever contributing anything. Additionally she continually undermines Cyprus in any way she can and views Cyprus as an uninvited antagonists and as a usurper to the spoils of war. Therefore, she will do her utmost to redirect Cyprus’ role.


These two organizations will maintain a seemingly favorable attitude of abstention. Based on the statement of the President of Cyprus, on the certainty of Cyprus’s accession to the Cooperation for Peace and maybe NATO, these organizations will view Cyprus’s entry as positively and will offer any assistance. This will be of value to Cyprus considering the economic and political difficulties the Republic is now facing.

Friendly Arab Countries

In the category of friendly Arab countries, one can find Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Gulf Emirates and Jordan. It is possible that the Gulf Emirates will actively participate against Iran.It is estimated that these countries will reward at the Allied stance by helping Cyprus in many ways{investments, support on the Islamic Conference etc}

Negatively Aloof/Inclined Countries

Without immediate and active participation, but definitely negative towards Iran’s adversaries, will be Russia, China, Egypt and Syria (assuming the Assad regime is still in power). The consequences by Russia and China against Cyprus must carefully be taken under consideration and without overlooking the fact that Russia will built Turkey’s nuclear facility in Aquyiou just opposite Kyrenia with a budget of 20 billion dollars. Moreover, Russia has trade relations with Turkey amounting to 30 billion dollars. She supports Syria, where she maintains a naval base, while at the same time, she has argued with Israel on trading natural gas from its oilfield.


It is believed that she will not participate in a war against Iran. She might allow limited usage of her airspace and the Diyarbakir base, but will reject the use of her soil. She will, of course, pass on the information that she will collect from her NATO facilities on her soil. She will definitely plot a cabal scenario when she finds out about a constrict alliance of Cyprus with Israel and America.


Hostile to the alliance will be Iran and its proxies, that is terrorist organizations that it sustains and controls, namely Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. Israel will deal with those.

In conclusion, this article is offered as food for thought and for a serious, pro-active study. It is through such radical and methodical decisions in coordination, always with Greece, that Hellenism can prevail and be salvaged in Cyprus.

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