Top 5 Cheap but Effective Ways to Keep Your Plumbing in Good Condition

Different types of problems can arise when it comes to your plumbing system at home. While there are some problems that you can solve, there are still some that will require help from a professional plumber. Professional plumbing services, especially 24 hours plumber services in Singapore, can still take a while to arrive to your destination to help you out.

It’s also important to keep in mind that while the pipes in your plumbing system can be sophisticated, they are just as easy to compromise and clog it. To keep your house’s pipes in good condition, be sure to follow these steps:

1. Clean out your grease traps regularly
In most establishments and homes, you can often find grease traps in drain lines from many types of sinks, dishwashers, and cooking equipment. They are a type of plumbing device that filters out most greases and solids right before the waste water enters the disposal system.

The waste that you can find in passive grease traps is often solidified lard and oils. Large amounts of this left over from cooking and preparing food can actually end up blocking your drains, and overflows often happen because of this.

While using fat-dissolving chemicals to clean out your grease traps can work, be sure to use them sparingly and always read the instruction at the back of the label. If you have to clean them out, the safest way is always to take out the scum manually.

2. Use chemicals and boiling water for your clogged drains sparingly
A clogged sink is one of the most common problems you will encounter in your plumbing system at home, next to noisy pipes and leaky faucets. Avoiding clogged pipes can be as simple as making sure that food debris, hair, etc. go into the trash instead of the drain.

If you do have to unclog your drain, use chemicals such as borax, baking soda, and vinegar carefully. This is because drain cleaning chemicals has the potential to corrode the pipes in your drainage, as well as produce toxic fumes that could become a health hazard to your PUB licensed plumb contractors from Singapore later on. It is widely advised to research information about plumbing contractors Singapore to address your needs at home.

Arguably, the best way to unclog your drain is to remove the accumulated debris manually. You can use drain snakes or drain claws to do this, and another is by using a toilet plunger to apply pressure to the debris. Once this has been removed, be sure flush the drain with cold water for a few minutes before using it normally.

3. Unlock the secrets of your shutoff water valve
In a nutshell, your water shutoff valve is designed to shut off the water supply to certain areas of your home. You will often find this switch in not just your toilet and bathroom sink, but also beneath your kitchen sink, and you can switch this valve on or off depending on whether there is a problem with that area in your home.

In almost every home, office, or building, you can find the main “panic valve” that will shut off the water supply to the rest of the establishment. Your plumber will often try to shut this valve off first before attempting to work on any pipes inside the house.

Some tips you should keep in mind regarding your shutoff valve include the following: do not control the water pressure at home using the main shutoff valve (either keep it open or closed at any given time); turn off the valve when you’re going away on extended trips away from home; and always make sure to have them installed by a professional plumber.

4. Know everything you can about your kitchen sink
Apart from your bathroom, your kitchen sink is one of the biggest water sources in your home, and is one of the three key parts of the “workplace triangle” in the kitchen: stove, refrigerator, and sink. Having these three near each other brings out the peak efficiency of the workplace, which makes it really convenient.

There are three different types of kitchen sink mounts: drop-in, the easiest to install; the under-mount sink, which can be used only with waterproof countertops (i.e. granite or quarts); and the apron front sink, which has changed to integrate newer designs and technologies.

In particular, look out for the grease trap and the drain, which you can find beneath the sink and make sure they doesn’t leak.

5. Call a professional plumbing services
These minor things can include replacing a broken/leaky faucet or unclogging a toilet. Being able to do these on your own can not only save you on the cost of having to hire a plumber (in some instances, you would have to hire a 24 hours plumber), but also teach you a useful life skill that you can use to deal with future inconveniences.
However, while there are plumbing problems that you can fix on your own, there are other times that should be best approached by a reliable plumber or a professional plumbing services in Singapore.

A professional plumbing contractor can install and repair all kinds of features for your home, such as anti-scald measures for water heaters, fixture S-traps, and even gas supply lines (which work similarly to the water supply line but the one you have is directly connected to your stove range).