Our Fear of Nuclear Energy May Cost Us the Earth

It would have been hard to imagine back in 1945 that the most permanent and devastating consequences of mankind’s discovery of nuclear weapons might one day be summarised not by the names Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but by that of another Japanese city: Fukushima. ...

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Lib Dems Vote to Accept Nuclear Power

The Liberal Democrats have voted to accept nuclear power, in a historic reversal of their long-held opposition to atomic energy. Party members backed nuclear power as long as it is not subsidised, after several hours of tense debate at the Glasgow autumn conference. ...

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Japan Turns Off Last Nuclear Reactor Amid Fears of Surge in Gas Prices

From The Guardian By Phillip Inman & Terry Macalister Japan will switch off its last nuclear reactor on Monday, amid fears that a growing dependence on gas imports there could push up electricity bills in the UK. Kansai Electric Power's only functioning reactor was scheduled to be disconnected from the power grid and then shut for planned maintenance, ending hopes that an industry that until three years ...

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