South Korea Mulls Curbing Nuclear Power

It started with a few bogus safety certificates for cables shutting a handful of South Korean nuclear reactors. Now, the scandal has snowballed, with 100 people indicted and Seoul under pressure to rethink its reliance on nuclear power. ...

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Mini-Nuclear Reactors & The New Power Game

So the deed is finally done. After two years of wrangling over the size of the subsidies and a guaranteed production price the UK Government has sealed a £16 billion ($26bn) deal that will see two European Pressurized Reactors (EPRs) constructed at Hinckley Point C in Somerset. ...

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Russia Floats Plan for Nuclear Power Plants at Sea

Back in the early 1970s, U.S. utility companies, frustrated with growing public unease about nuclear power that made it difficult for them to find sites for new plants, came up with a wild brainstorm. Why not put full-sized nuclear power plants on barges and position them offshore, where they wouldn't be in anyone's backyard, unless you counted fish? ...

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Fukushima Proved Turn-Off Point for Nuclear Power

Nuclear power generation fell last year by its steepest annual level since the industry began because of the continuing impact of the Fukushima accident in Japan. Despite going out of favour in some countries, 66 new reactors are under construction, most in China. ...

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