Will Oxy’s Divorce Spur The Break Up Of Big Oil?

ConocoPhillips spun out Phillips 66. Marathon Oil spun off Marathon Petroleum. BP has jettisoned $40 billion in assets since Deepwater Horizon. Apache has been shrinking to grow, as has Chesapeake Energy. And now Occidental Petroleum has decided to slim down as well. ...

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Solving the Midwest Ethanol Problem

If you live in the Midwest, you are in the midst of a thriving ethanol industry. But the problem is that the Midwest does not control its own destiny when it comes to ethanol. That is still controlled by the federal government. ...

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A Solar Car for the Masses?

It’s car show season again, with the annual crop of car-model launches like the new Corvette “supercar” and the Acura TLX prototype. However, my biggest regret in missing this year's Washington DC Auto Show was not seeing the Ford “C-MAX Solar Energi” concept, an unlikely marriage of electric vehicle (EV) and solar photovoltaic panels (PV). ...

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Coal Makes A Comeback Despite Natural Gas Abundance

This wasn’t supposed to happen. Cheap natural gas was supposed to be the answer to our dependence on dirty old coal. But now, it seems, coal is making a comeback. The bitter winter, the coldest in 30 years, has pushed natural gas prices to some of their highest levels in four years, and that has made coal attractive to utilities again. ...

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