Why Is Vladimir Putin Acting So Crazy?

For Russian leaders, sticking it to the Americans has long been a source of both personal satisfaction and political gain. By that standard, President Vladimir Putin is riding high. He’s enraged Washington officialdom by supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad—despite his apparent use of chemical weapons against civilians—and obstructing efforts to rein in Iran’s nuclear ambitions. ...

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Russia Orders Oil Supply Cut to Belarus

Russia's state pipeline monopoly Transneft has ordered a cut in oil supplies to Belarus by 400,000 tonnes, or nearly one-quarter of previously planned deliveries for September, the firm and trading sources said on Wednesday. ...

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Taming the Chinese Dragon & Asian Butterfly: Can Russia Compete in Asian Gas Markets?

Not only has Russian President Vladimir Putin showed his true political colors in recent years after befriending and apparently hoodwinking an unsuspecting George W. Bush during Bush’s first term in office, when Russia needed American aid, but his obvious stratagems to return Russia to former pre-Soviet collapse glory, and anti-American zeal, is playing out in the UN and around the world. But his ambitions ...

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Floating Nuclear Power: Inside Russia’s Reactors at Sea

The U.S. and Russian navies have long used nuclear-powered submarines, aircraft carriers, and icebreakers. But a new kind of nuclear power is coming. Russia's Akademik Lomonosov, currently under construction, will be a floating power plant with two 35-megawatt generators designed to supply power to hard-to-reach Arctic communities straight from the ship. ...

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