China Invests Billions in Asia Energy Deals

China has spent more than US$50 billion ($60.2 billion) in the past three months on energy and infrastructure deals in central Asia. Chinese outbound investment totalled just over US$100 billion in the third quarter of 2013 with around half of that sum spent in the central Asian states visited by the Chinese President Xi Jinping on an official tour last month. ...

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The US Has a Huge Advantage Over China in Energy—and It’s Growing

Conventional wisdom says that by many economic measurements, China isn’t far behind the U.S.—and is catching up fast. But in one vital sector—energy—the U.S. leads and is pulling away. And the odds of this lead diminishing anytime soon, Beijing’s current plans aside, are close to zero. Considering China’s gains in other areas, why is energy so different? ...

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China’s Solution to Coal May be Worse than Coal

The so-called airpocalypse, in which the air quality in Beijing officially became a public health hazard, seems to have spurred China into action toward reducing carbon emissions. But one of its best plans to do — converting coal to natural gas — so may end up being even worse for climate change. ...

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Is CNOOC the Leanest and Cleanest of China’s Big Three Oil Majors?

On September 7 Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), the smallest of three Chinese state-owned oil majors and its largest offshore oil driller, announced that it had signed a production sharing contract (PSC) and deal with Smart Oil Investments who will survey and explore in the shallow waters (five to 15 meters water depth) of Bohai Bay, offshore China. The area agreed upon, Block 05/31, cover ...

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Not Business As Usual: China’s Oil Majors Are No Longer Invincible

CNPC (along with its publically listed subsidiary PetroChina) and Sinopec have seen better days. The two Chinese oil majors have been humbled in recent weeks as the former is being subjected to Beijing’s tightening anti-graft noose and the latter just lost a billion dollar international court case. Only CNOOC for the moment, China’s third state owned oil major, remains unscathed. The Big Three, which have c ...

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