China’s Natural Gas Paradigm Shift

China practically dominates the energy news of the day. The long-term effects will be far wider than the stories now fixating the American public. Last month the big news coming out of China’s Oil Patch was Beijing’s startling, if not long overdue, corruption allegations against one of its state-owned oil majors, CNPC, with corresponding executive resignations, and potential fall-out for more of the same. ...

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Shale Gas Revolution Not Coming To China Anytime Soon

Shale gas has upended U.S. energy markets, cutting oil imports to their lowest level in two decades. Can China pull off the same feat? It has already passed the U.S. as the biggest buyer of oil cargoes and by far the largest burner of coal, which explains the noxious air pollution that cloaks its northern cities. ...

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Fukushima Proved Turn-Off Point for Nuclear Power

Nuclear power generation fell last year by its steepest annual level since the industry began because of the continuing impact of the Fukushima accident in Japan. Despite going out of favour in some countries, 66 new reactors are under construction, most in China. ...

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China’s Shale Gas Ambitions Still Face Massive Hurdles

China is still pressing ahead with its shale gas ambitions though numerous hurdles continue to hinder those goals. Shale gas is supposed to boost the nation’s natural gas supply which is in dire need. China today draws about 4 percent of its energy needs from natural gas and more than 70 percent from coal. The coal figure is one that the West has not experienced since the nineteenth century. ...

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