How Pakistan and China Are Strengthening Nuclear Ties

Pakistan held a ceremonial groundbreaking last week on a nuclear complex in Karachi that it intends to build with assistance from China. The government says the complex, which will contain two Chinese-built nuclear reactors, will cost $9.6 billion and will help assuage the power crisis that has crippled daily life and the national economy in recent years. ...

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China Emerging as New Poster Child Of Energy Dependence

This is really nothing new. China has stagnant air and water pollution that has its populace taking to the streets in protest, with mortality rates increasing and the central government worried. The country’s insatiable energy demand matches and exceeds its stellar 20-year plus economic miracle and amid all of these dynamics, the country aims to replace dirty coal burning power plants with cleaner burning n ...

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China Will be World Leader in Clean Energy by 2035

Renewables will account for nearly half of the increase in global power generation to 2035—with China generating more than the US, Japan and the EU combined—according to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) latest annual World Energy Outlook 2013 report released [recently]. ...

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