Obama’s Climate Goals Jeopardized By Shutting Working Nuclear Plants

From Forbes

By James Conca

Concern is mounting in the Obama Administration over a growing number of nuclear reactors that are being closed prematurely. For the wrong reasons.

On Thursday, Dr. Peter Lyons, Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, told attendees at the Platts 10th Annual Nuclear Energy Conference that the U.S. Department of Energy is reviewing recent nuclear plant closures, and how they will affect our ability to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the levels we need (Greenwire).

Even more dire, is the possibility of closing 30 more reactors in the near future solely from “artificial market conditions”.

Referring to the closing of the Kewaunee and Vermont Yankee nuclear plants this year, Lyons said “This is a trend we are clearly very, very concerned about.”

As well we should be. Without a robust nuclear energy program, and without getting as much energy as possible out of each reactor, America cannot reach its ambitious climate goals. Under the President’s Climate Action Plan unwrapped last June, America would cut present emissions almost 15 percent by 2020.

Since nuclear power provides the majority of low-carbon electricity, with hydroelectric providing most of the rest and wind bringing up the rear, it is impossible to meet these goals if nuclear takes a sucker punch from a concocted market.

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