Germany’s Clean-Energy Plan Faces Resistance to Power Lines

From The New York TImes

By Melissa Eddy

Germany’s resolve to embrace a clean-energy future may soon face another test of not-in-my-backyard public resistance.

Network providers planning one of the country’s most important power-transmission pathways presented a proposal on Wednesday for an 800-kilometer, or 500-mile, corridor of high-voltage lines. The power lines would carry electricity from wind turbines in the blustery north states to power-hungry industries in the south.

The project, dubbed SuedLink, is one of three major expansions to the German grid planned in the coming years. The additional high-voltage lines are essential for the success of the government’s ambitious plan to transform Germany’s energy sector from a classic mix of fossil and atomic energy sources to a nuclear-free, near-total reliance on renewables by 2050.

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