Billionaire Larry Ellison Has A Brilliant Plan To Make Green Energy Affordable With His Hawaiian Island

From Business Insider

By Julie Bort

Larry Ellison has huge, impressive plans for the Hawaiian island of Lanai, which he bought in 2012.

It will become “a laboratory for building the next generation two-way power grid, which will be a mix of photo-tech (solar), with a little bit of wind with a backup of liquefied natural gas,” he told attendees at an event in Las Vegas Thursday evening.

The island is a “special case” that can be used “to demonstrate that green energy can be economical,” he explained.

Ellison is CEO of Oracle and the event was held to talk about the company’s HR cloud software. But in the Q&A session, he invited the audience to ask him “anything,” and that was a part of the evening that he clearly relished.

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