Nuclear Energy Operators Say Market Stacked Against Them

From Forbes

By Ken Silverstein

When Entergy ETR -0.63% Corp. made its decision to close its Vermont Yankee nuclear facility,  it opened the door to discussions on how to allow all electric generating facilities fair access to the markets. The utility says that the action it has taken could become more widespread unless system operators make corrections.

Grid operators, or those who order up power and schedule those deliveries across the transmission lines, want to ensure that regions have ample and reliable electricity supplies. The downfall of any facility that runs 24-7 erodes those goals, especially if the energy source is carbon-free and helping the Northeastern states meet their climate objectives.

“Markets have to address these issues or you will see a fallout of perfectly well-run units such as Vermont Yankee, and potentially others,” says Bill Mohl, who heads Entergy’s merchant nuclear operations in Massachusetts, Michigan, New York and Vermont. “You can’t stack the market with state regulations and environmental policies and expect competitive fuel sources to effectively compete.”

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