Iceland Has Just Uncovered the Ultimate Renewable Energy Source

From Policy Mic

The news: Last week President Barack Obama spent a large part of his State of the Union address detailing his “All-Of-The-Above” energy strategy.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, Iceland may have just developed the ultimate “All-Of-The-Below” energy strategy — it’s clean, renewable and has the potential to be highly efficient.

Last week, the Icelandic Deep Drilling Project (IDDP) announced that they have successfully built the world’s first magma-powered geothermal energy system. Geothermal energy takes advantage of heat locked away inside of the Earth to generate electricity. Currently, geothermal energy supplies approximately 65% of electricity consumption in Iceland. However, all geothermal power is created from secondary methods such as pumping liquid onto hot rocks below the Earth’s surface to make steam, which is then converted into electricity.

The ability to harness energy directly from the Earth’s magma is a huge breakthrough.

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