US Trying to Prevent Oil Deal Between Russia and Iran

From Russia & India

As we approach the conclusion of the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, the struggle for access to its domestic market escalates. It has become known that the United States, at different levels, is trying to ensure that Moscow refuses from concluding an oil agreement, which is being discussed with Tehran. Russian government sources admit that this is a question of “hard pressure”, while at the same time, the United States refrains from criticizing India, which is negotiating a similar deal with Iran.

Russian experts urge Moscow not to engage in “self-castration” just to please Washington. The US is strongly trying to dissuade Russia from a sharp intensification of economic cooperation with Iran, using all bilateral meetings and contacts, several Russian government sources told Kommersant.

According to one of the interlocutors, this is not just persuasion, but “hard pressure” combined with the threat to impose economic sanctions against Russian companies and financial institutions that will participate in such a transaction.

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