Israel Wind Energy Association Slams Gov’t Behavior Toward Wind Sector

From The Jerusalem Post

By Sharon Udasin

Ahead of a planning decision expected next week, the Israel Wind Energy Association sharply criticized recent governmental activities related to the industry.

In a letter distributed to IsraWEA members on Wednesday, Gadi Hareli, co-founder and CEO of the organization, critiqued the work of an interministerial team tasked with determining which proposed wind farms would be feasible. He also slammed the idea that the Energy, Water and National Infrastructure Ministry may be considering slashing one-eighth of the wind sector’s generation quota.

The interministerial team that has been reviewing topographic effects of establishing wind farms recently submitted its recommendations to the National Council for Planning and Building, which will likely approve the proposals next week, Hareli explained. The team examined 160 applications for the construction of large wind farms, and recommended proceeding with 34 of them, totaling between 500 and 700 megawatts, he said.

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