Swiss Want Say on Nuclear Phase Out

From World Nuclear News

Nuclear energy is an essential part of Switzerland’s energy mix and more debate is needed about its planned phase out, a poll of attitudes towards nuclear power in the country shows.

The poll – the latest conducted annually since 2001 by market research company DemoScope on behalf of Swiss nuclear trade organisation swissnuclear – questioned 2200 people in October 2013.

Some 64% of respondents said that they considered Switzerland’s five existing reactors essential in meeting the country’s electricity demand. This is around the average level reported since the first poll in 2001, but marks a 3% increase from 2012.

There was also high support for the continued use of nuclear power, with 68% of people saying that Switzerland’s existing reactors should remain in operation as long as they are safe. This compares with 62% of respondents in previous year. Three-quarters of those questioned consider Swiss nuclear power plants to be safe.

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