The Future Of Nuclear Power In New England


Last month Entergy announced its decision to shut down the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, leaving just three remaining power plants in New England. The closure of nuclear power plants in New England seems to be indicative of what’s going on across the nation, WGBH science editor Heather Goldstone told WGBH’s Morning Edition on Wednesday.

New England relies heavily on nuclear power in comparison to the rest of the country. Across the nation nuclear power provides about 20 percent of electricity, but here in New England we get about 31 percent of our electricity from nuclear power, according to Goldstone.

Nuclear power was originally seen as a clean energy option that would fix the problem of carbon emissions, but since a tsunami hit Japan in 2011 causing a nuclear disaster at Fukushima (a plant that has a similar design to the Pilgrim Nuclear plant in Plymouth, Mass. ), there’s been backlash against nuclear power. Some countries, such as Germany, have begun to abandon nuclear power completely.

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