South Korean Consortium Modernising Oil Refinery Plants in Turkmenistan

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Work is underway at the oil refinery plant in the city of Turkmenbashi which is the largest industrial enterprise in the country, to clear and plan four sectors for the construction of vacuum distillation of masut, alkylation of light olefins, gasoline blending and isomerisation of light gasoline, the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources stated on Monday.

Design, procurement and construction are being implemented by the Consortium of South Korean companies LG International and Hyundai Engineering Ltd.

The large-scale project aims to further increase output and expand the range of competitive products through environmentally clean high-octane gasoline, enjoying great demand.

‘The need for a global market in high-quality fuel is increasing due to tightening of international standards for operational characteristics and environmental security of energy commodities’, the statement says.

Millisecond catalytic cracking (MSCC), catalytic reforming (CCR), diesel hydro treatment and aviation kerosene refinement installations are already in force At the enterprise along with the industries being reconstructed, delayed coking processing plants with tar de-asphalting and primary oil refining blocks, as well as other facilities with high unit capacity are being installed.

The priority to modernise the refinery is increasing the processing depth of hydrocarbons.

Alkylate isomerizate and vacuum distillate obtained during alkylation, isomerization and vacuum distillation of raw fractions are high-octane gasoline components. They are designed to increase the detonation resistance of motor fuels.

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