Texas Rancher Won’t Budge for Keystone Pipeline

From CBS News

By Mark Strassmann

The Keystone XL pipeline is a massive, controversial oil delivery project cutting through America’s heartland. The company behind the project says, if it’s completed, it could help reduce America’s dependency on foreign oil.

That pipeline would carry oil from Canada to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico. The northern part has not been approved, but the southern stretch is already under construction – except where a few Texas ranchers are standing in the way.

The Keystone XL Pipeline extends two miles a day into Texas, but it can’t get past Julia Trigg Crawford.

Crawford has 650 acres of land and TransCanada only wants a small piece, but Crawford won’t let them take it.

“I don’t think they have a right to take it,” she said. “I mean if it was 650 inches or something, I wouldn’t want them to take it.”

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