The Nuclear Green Revolution

From The Energy Collective

The original title of my pro-nuclear blog was Nuclear Green. The primary interest was in Molten Salt and Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors. As I began to explore the potential of this technology, I came to see more and more possibilities. This technology could not only replace fossil fuel energy sources in advanced industrial nations, but could also revolutionize energy in developing economies. It was quite possible that Molten Salt Reactors could compete with light water reactors in fields such as base load electrical power because the costs of Molten Salt Reactors was potentially less than the costs of light water reactors.

At the same time, the LFTR was capable of providing for the energy needs of human society over periods extending for millions of years to come. The LFTR matched Renewables in terms of fuel availability and far exceeded them in terms of reliability. Because the LFTR made such efficient use of its’ fuel, far fewer resources were required to build LFTR generation facilities, energy storage and transmission lines.

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