All Eyes On Obama For Climate Agenda

From The Hill

By Ben Geman

President Obama is expected to finally reveal at least some specifics about his second-term climate agenda during his State of the Union speech Tuesday night.

The Feb. 12 speech is shaping up to be Obama’s most anticipated remarks ever on climate change.

The address comes at a time when major climate legislation is dead in Congress, making executive action the only game in town.

Advocates are hoping for more aggressive federal policies, including first-time Environmental Protection Agency carbon emissions standards for existing power plants.

Obama’s allies in the green movement are making the case for action ahead of the speech.

“The Supreme Court ruled that EPA had to regulate greenhouse gases if they found that they endanger public health and welfare. And EPA made that scientific finding, so now they have to do this. I think the real question is, will these be technology forcing? Will they really require us to come forward with new technologies to trap these gases to make sure that we don’t continue to emit them?” said Carol Browner, Obama’s former energy czar who is now with the liberal Center for American Progress.

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