Energy Storage a Key to Australia’s Green Future

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As more and more attention is paid to the impacts of climate change, methods of energy generation are changing rapidly from fossil fuels to renewables. The use of energy sources such as solar and wind, however, bring their own challenges, as supply can be less reliable. This means that energy production from these sources will be intermittent.

Energy storage has typically not been considered practical for the grid system due to a lack of adequate technology with which to store it and uncertainty over the demand for energy storage devices in the future. Cost is also a consideration, as it is more cost effective to generate electricity as it is needed than to generate it in advance and store it for later use.

A recent report from the Clean Energy Council considered the feasibility of energy storage in Australia and concluded that there is a clear market for this within the country. According to the study, there are six parts of the market which could benefit from energy storage: network support, market participation, grid stability, private residential storage, support for isolated or remote systems, and private commercial storage.

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