Nigeria: Iran Set to Cooperate With Nigeria On Nuclear Energy

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By Austine Odo

Iranian Ambassador to Nigeria Mr Saeed Koozechi says he is eager to prepare grounds for businessmen from his country to plough into opportunities in Nigeria and create jobs for Nigerians, just as the country is ready to partner with Nigeria on peaceful use of nuclear technology.

Ambassador Koozechi spoke to newsmen in Abuja yesterday as part of activities for Iran’s 34th independence anniversary which comes up on Thursday February 7.

The ambassador said despite prevailing “unjust” sanctions imposed on his country by the West, Iran still thrives to export oil and harness its non-oil sector while expanding bilateral cooperation with friendly countries. He said his country is particularly interested in boosting relations with Nigeria premised on common interests and experiences. “We want to have good cooperation with Nigeria. We want to have more partnership and share experiences with Nigeria. We plan to encourage businessmen from both countries to partner in exhibitions and business forums in order to identify the markets of each other. We believe that all countries have the right to utilise nuclear energy and we are prepared to encourage its peaceful use in Nigeria”, he said.

‘”We believe this knowledge is for all people, but some big powers want to monopolise the science for the benefit and welfare of only their citizens for prestige and power. This knowledge is for all people, but in order to stop us from utilising it, they assassinated some of our nuclear scientists who were only working on research into nuclear energy and arrested some of them”, he added.

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