China to Build its 1st Third-Generation Nuclear Plant


China is on course to build its first ever third-generation nuclear power station in Sanmen, in east China’s Zhejiang province. The technology at the core of the plant is known as AP1000, a US developed “third generation” technology that’s at the heart of the largest ever joint China-US energy project.

A last inspection for this 800 ton steel structure.

This containment vessel will be lifted up to a height of 66 meters to cap the nuclear power unit. It marks the completion of the main structure housing the reactor itself.

The reactor and the steam generator are already sitting inside, waiting to be installed. Three years on from the beginning of the project, and security remains very tight.

Li Haitao, State Nuclear Power Engineering Company, said, “We follow the rules of the US nuclear regulatory commission, as well as China’s own nuclear safety laws and regulations. Our team consists of talented people from both China and the US. And we have a comprehensive system of quality control.”

Since Japan’s Fukushima disaster, preventing cooling system failure has become a key safety priority for the nuclear industry worldwide.

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