Study Helps Wyoming Pitch Wind Energy to California


By Adam Voge

Wyoming wind officials say a University of Wyoming wind energy study released Thursday is already aiding their efforts as they try to pitch the state’s resource in California.

Data from the study show that combining Wyoming wind resources with those in California could reduce power source variability and save the Golden State money — as much as $100 million per year.

Past Wyoming sales pitches have met with decided reluctance by California, which would prefer to rely solely on its own power generation.

Loyd Drain, executive director of the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority, said he and other representatives of the state’s wind industry have already started to use data from the study in meetings with top California officials.

“It’s been the centerpiece of our outreach effort to California,” he said. “We’ve met with over 40 key officials. The fact that they’re opening their doors and allowing us to share with them the results of this study means a lot.”

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