Chevron Signs Petroleum Deals in Offshore Morocco

From RigZone

Chevron Corp. has signed petroleum agreements related to three offshore areas in Morocco, a push to expand its footprint in frontier basins.

The oil and gas company has signed the agreements with Morocco’s Office National Des Hydrocarbures Et Des Mines which, once awarded, will allow Chevron to acquire seismic data and conduct studies in deepwater areas known as Cap Rhir Deep, Cap Cantin Deep and Cap Walidia Deep located between 60 miles and 120 miles west and northwest of Agadir, Morocco. The areas encompass about 11,300 square miles with average water depths ranging from between 330 feet to 14,700 feet.

“This is an opportunity for Chevron to expand its already strong presence in the region and allows us to acquire further knowledge about promising geology in an emerging area,” said Ali Moshiri, president of Chevron Africa and Latin America Exploration and Production Co.

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