Russia to Build Pipeline With Croatia

From UPI

Gazprom and Croatia’s Plinacro have agreed to build a natural gas pipeline to ship Gazprom gas to European markets.

On Friday. Gazprom and Plinacro signed an agreement in the Croatian capital Zagreb to build a $79.9 million, 62 mile long extension to Gazprom’s South Stream gas pipeline.

Both Gazprom and Plinacro are state-owned companies.

The project provides for creating a joint venture to contribute to the construction of South Stream’s extension for delivering Russian natural gas to Croatia by 2016.

The pipeline’s annual capacity is for 2.7 billion cubic meters of gas, Golos Rossii news agency reported on Friday.

As part of the agreement Gazprom will also construct a power plant in Croatia to maintain its domestic market for the fuel. The pipeline is tentatively scheduled to come online by December 2016.

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