Revolution in Energy Use ‘Will Help Curb Warming’

From The Independent

By Tom Bawden

The world is poised for a revolution in the way it uses energy that will boost its efficiency by almost a third and bolster efforts to curb global warming, according to a new study by BP.

But the leap forward in energy use would not be enough in itself to save the world from devastating climate change, BP warned.

The amount of power needed to produce a dollar of economic output – known as energy intensity – will tumble by 31 per cent by 2030, as heavyweight emerging economies such as China and Russia enter the next phase of their development. This will see them reducing energy-intensive industrial production in favour of services and lighter manufacturing, which use far less power, and cutting back on power-hungry construction projects, now that much of the basic infrastructure has been built. Meanwhile, improving production techniques and new technologies will improve business efficiency across the world.

Without any improvement in energy efficiency, world demand for power would double over the next 17 years. But with the projected decline in energy intensity, power use will only increase by 36 per cent – while the ongoing greening of electricity supply means carbon emissions growth will be limited to 26 per cent.

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