Peru’s Natural Gas Output To Climb Six Per Cent In 2013

From Bernama

Natural gas production in Peru is expected to increase six percent this year, driven by exports and domestic demand, mainly for power production.

Repsol’s Block 57 will start its operations in 2013 and is expected to produce five million cubic feet of gas per day, senior analyst at Scotiabank Economic Research Department Erika Manchego said.

The main pipeline expansion of Transportadora de Gas del Peru (TGP) has been delayed and would be completed in 2015, the company has increased the gas and oil pipeline capacity to 610 million cubic feet and 110,000 barrels per day, respectively.

The increase in transport capacity will stimulate higher natural gas production from Peruvian jungle.

Peru has produced 418 million cubic feet of natural gas in 2012, a 4.4 percent increase compared to a year earlier.

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