EDF, China Firm Held British Nuclear Talks

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France’s EDF remains in the hunt for a partner to build four nuclear reactors in Britain after talks were halted with China’s Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation Holding (CGNPC), sources close to the talks said on Friday.

“They have talked. EDF and CGNPC have a relationship going back many years,” one source said. But two other sources close to the discussions confirmed negotiations regarding a British partnership are no longer ongoing.

The Wall Street Journal newspaper reported on Friday that the talks had focused on the state-owned Chinese firm taking over a 20% stake in EDF’s nuclear new build programme owned by UK firm Centrica.

A spokesperson for Centrica said the company continued to be involved in the project.

EDF declined to comment and CGNPC was not available for immediate comment.

CGNPC and EDF along with French reactor maker Areva signed an agreement in November to jointly develop a new type of reactor.

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