Libya to Secure Oil Ports After Disruptions

From Voice of America

Libya’s oil ministry has reached agreement with the country’s army chief and defense and interior ministries to secure exporting terminals, Oil Minister Abdelbari Al-Arusi said, after several protests have caused shipping disruptions.

Oil installations have become a focal point of protests in OPEC member Libya in the wake of July polls that ushered in the North African country’s first elected authorities.

The administration is still struggling to impose order on a vast and divided country awash with arms and militias after the overthrow of Moammar Gadhafi in late 2011.

“We have agreed with the defense minister, chief of staff and interior minister to secure the oil ports and the army has sent a force to the port [of Zueitina],” Arusi told Reuters.

He said oil exports from the eastern Zueitina terminal should resume in coming days after the port was closed down because of protests that began last month.

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