Belarus, Russia to Sign Nuclear Safety Cooperation Agreement

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Belarus and Russia plan to sign an agreement on cooperation in nuclear safety. The draft intergovernmental agreement has been approved as the foundation for negotiations by Council of Ministers resolution No. 1249 of 29 December 2012, the press service of the Belarusian government told BelTA.

Energy Minister Mr Alexander Ozerets has been authorized to hold negotiations and sign the agreement on behalf of Belarus.

The main purpose of the agreement is cooperation for developing the nuclear safety infrastructure of Belarus in view of the construction of the country’s first nuclear station using a Russian design, explained Ms Lilia Dulinets, Head of the International Cooperation Office of the Nuclear Energy Department of the Belarusian Energy Ministry. The agreement also aims to achieve a stable and high level of nuclear safety, to create and maintain effective means of protection against potential radiation hazards at Belarusian nuclear power engineering installations.

The agreement provides for various avenues of cooperation, including the establishment of a nuclear safety infrastructure, systems to regulate safety, the development and improvement of the existing legal base taking into account IAEA norms, the development of a system of crisis response centers of Belarus, the training of nuclear safety specialists.

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