Nigeria Can Generate 10,000MW from Coal

From Coal Guru

The Presidential Task Force on Power, PTFP, has expressed optimism that Nigeria can generate between 7,000 and 10,000 MW, power from coal-fired plants in addition to the existing capacities from thermal and hydro power plants.

Alternative energy sources especially from coal, are part of the Federal Government’s efforts to diversify the nation’s electricity resources to ensure sustainable power supply in the country.

The Chairman of PTFP, Mr Simeon Atakulu speaking recently at a power summit in Lagos, argued that decisions on coal-fired plants should be taken quickly to ensure power stability in the country as projected for the future.

He insisted that various power generating methodologies like solar, biomass and wind should kick off in Nigeria without further delays.

It would be recalled that Federal Government under the power sector roadmap, planned to generate up to 30 per cent of electricity from coal-fired plants by 2015.

The Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Mr Musa Sada noted that the plan to diversify the nation’s sources of electricity is imperative because of the disappointment that could come from relying on particular sources.

The minister noted that apart from the generation of electricity, the new coal mine signaled a new dawn for the nation’s solid minerals sector in terms of poverty alleviation and creation of employment opportunities.

Earlier, Mr Atakulu admitted that there has been some improvements in capacity delivery in the last few months, which credited to the delivery of some NIPP projects, and improved water harvest and gas supply.

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