Brazil High Court Suspends Congress Vote on Oil Royalties Bill Veto

From Fox Business

Brazil’s supreme court Monday issued an injunction suspending a planned congressional vote this week to override a veto by President Dilma Rousseff to a bill that would broadly distribute royalty revenues from oil production to states all around the country.

Brazil’s congress was scheduled to hold the vote Tuesday.

Supreme Court justice Luiz Fux granted the injunction after representatives from oil-producing states requested the suspension.

“This was a correct decision by the supreme court,” said congressman Allesandro Molon of Rio de Janeiro state following the injunction. “It re-establishes constitutional rules.”

In the suit, Mr. Molon and other representatives from oil-producing states alleged that the override vote would violate congressional procedure, as the veto would be considered ahead 3,000 other vetoes awaiting deliberation in congress.

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