New Report Warns of Diplomatic Costs to the US of Iran Sanctions

From The Hill

By Julian Pecquet

Crippling international sanctions against Iran spearheaded by the United States are increasingly creating diplomatic headaches for the Obama administration, a panel of national-security experts and former lawmakers and government officials warned in a new report Thursday.

The new report from the Iran Project, “Weighing Benefits and Costs of International Sanctions Against Iran,” comes as lawmakers are considering new sanctions on Iran’s energy sector as part of House-Senate negotiations over defense legislation. It comes on the heels of a September report from the same group that weighed the pros and cons of military intervention to stop Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program, which concluded that a U.S. strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities could have unintended consequences that would lead to all-out war.

“Differences with Russia, China and other countries — including India, Turkey and South Korea — have widened as more comprehensive sanctions take effect that aim to pressure Iran’s leaders by harming the civilian economy,” the report concludes. “Sanctions-related tensions among the United States and Russia and China have complicated U.S. efforts to achieve Security Council unity on international action in Libya and Syria.”

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