China’s Oil Companies Build More LNG Stations

From China Daily

By Meng Fanbin

Three Chinese big oil companies are accelerating the setting up liquefied natural gas stations all over China, thanks to energy conservation and emission reduction policies and the rapid development of the natural gas industry, Security Daily reported on Thursday.

The new “liquefied natural gas utilization policy” will be implemented formally on Dec 1. Natural gas for cars is included in the first class of development.

There were 385 LNG stations put into operation in China by the end of October, double the number of the same period last year. The number of the stations is expected to reach 400 by the end of November, according to statistics from ICIS, a petrochemical market information provider.

China National Petroleum Corp, China’s largest oil and gas producer and supplier, plans to build 126 LNG stations in Henan province by the end of 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-15), and plans to develop 720 stations in Shandong province during that period.

CNPC has the largest number of LNG stations, accounting for 30 percent of the total by the end of October.

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