US Sets Iran Nuclear Talks Deadline

From Xinhuan

The United States has set a March deadline for Iran to start co-operating with UN nuclear agency investigations. US diplomat Robert Wood signalled Washington’s growing frustration with the lack of results in the IAEA’s inquiry into Tehran’s nuclear program.

US diplomat Robert Wood said, “Once again we’ve seen continued enrichment related activities at Fordo. We also know that all of the centrifuges have now been installed in Fordo. There has been continuing sanitisation of Parchin. And that sanitisation continues as I speak. We also have had continued stone-walling by Iran with regard to reaching, with regard to finalizing a structural approach with the agency. And we do hope that talks scheduled for December 13th will be fruitful but I will be very frank: I have my doubts about the sincerity of Iran. So we’ll have to see how that goes.”

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