Indonesia: Chevron Court Case Highlights Doubts Over Energy Regulation

From Financial Times

By Ben Bland

When one of the world’s biggest oil companies takes out a full-page local newspaper advert accusing the attorney general’s office of committing an “abuse of power” and a “human rights violation,” it is clear that something has gone badly wrong.The unusual step taken by Chevron on Monday after four of its employees were jailed in September by Indonesia’s AGO on suspicion of corruption does not seem to have done the company any harm yet.

On Tuesday, a judge ruled that there was not enough evidence to continue detaining the four Chevron managers over allegations of corruption at an environmental remediation program in Sumatra and that they must be set free.

Chevron has welcomed the release of its employees, who were held in crowded communal cells in Jakarta, and re-iterated its position that “there is no legal justification to support criminal corruption charges” against its staff.

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