Anti-Israel Group Hacks UN Nuclear Agency Server

From BBC

The UN nuclear agency has acknowledged that one of its computer servers was hacked by an anti-Israeli group.

The IAEA said a previously unknown group called Parastoo had posted contact details for more than 100 nuclear experts on the group’s website.

Parastoo asked those listed to sign a petition calling for an IAEA investigation into Israel’s undeclared nuclear weapons programme.

The IAEA is investigating Iran’s controversial nuclear programme.

Israel is widely believed to have nuclear weapons but neither confirms nor denies this under a “strategic ambiguity” policy.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) spokeswoman Gill Tudor said the agency “deeply regrets this publication of information stolen from an old server”.

She said the server had been shut down “some time ago” and experts had been trying to eliminate any “possible vulnerability” in it even before it was hacked.

“The IAEA’s technical and security teams are continuing to analyse the situation and do everything possible to help ensure that no further information is vulnerable,” she added.

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