Australia “Leading World in Solar Installs”

From ABC News

Professor Tim Flannery says Australia installed more solar panels last year than any other country, but the renewable energy sector still has room to shine.

The Climate Commission has released its first major report on renewable energy, which shows Australia is doing well but still under-utilising its renewable energy potential.

Professor Flannery, chief commissioner and report author, says about 10 per cent of Australia’s energy needs are being met by renewable energy such as wind and solar power.

However, he says there is a global shift away from fossil fuels and Australia is well placed to develop its potential in renewables.

“The purpose [of the report] is to highlight two things: one is Australia’s potential in terms of renewable energy; two is the speed at which this is happening,” Professor Flannery said.

“What we can now see is the emerging inevitability that renewables are going to be running the economy at some point in the future.”

The report says momentum for renewable energy in Australia is building and Australians have benefited from the drop in the cost of solar panels – 75 per cent in just four years.

It says solar photovoltaic and wind could be the cheapest forms of power in Australia for retail users by 2030.

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