Kenya, Slovakia to Seal Nuclear Deal by January 2013

From NZ Week

By Thomas Whittle

Kenya and Slovakia will sign an agreement on nuclear cooperation by the end of January 2013, a visiting Slovakia government official said on Tuesday.

Slovakia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs State Secretary Peter Burian told Xinhua that both nations have already exchanged a draft Memorandum of Understanding.

“Kenya’s ministries of energy and higher education will sign an agreement with their Slovakian counterparts on nuclear cooperation by the end of January next year,” Burian said on the sidelines of the Slovak Development Aid Forum.

The two-day forum brought together all Slovakian Non Governmental Organizations working in Kenya in order to discuss ways of increasing their efficiency and coordination in order to meet the needs of the country’s long term development goals.

The deal follows the agreement signed by both nations in December 2011 on increasing cultural exchange cooperation. “Under the agreement, Kenya will receive technical assistance to develop nuclear energy in order to cater for its electricity needs,” he said.

Burian added that by September 2013, the first batch of Kenyans to be trained in nuclear science will arrive in Slovakia. He added Kenya’s nuclear project committee already visited Slovakia two times in the past two months.

“It typically takes a country at least 30 years to develop the capacity to generate nuclear power but with fast tracking it could take Kenya at least 15 years,” he said.

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