Brazil On Cusp of US $6.5bn Nuclear Expansion

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Investments in Brazilian nuclear energy projects will exceed US$6.5bn by the end of the decade, the sector’s national association Aben has told BNamericas.

Aben president Edson Kuramoto says the industry has made a full recovery after the negative publicity surrounding Japan’s Fukushima disaster last year.

Brazil will boast at least four new nuclear generation facilities before 2030. Projects underway include the Angra 3 power plant in Rio de Janeiro state that will increase the country’s installed nuclear capacity from 1.99GW to 3.40GW by 2016.

“The nuclear area in Brazil is extensive, covering electric power generation, the production of radiopharmaceuticals and radioisotopes as well as the whole fuel cycle,” Kuramoto said.

“There are also investments in uranium enrichment facilities, gasification and production of uranium minerals.

“The nuclear submarine project is in full swing, with the construction of the test facility reactor that will be used in the submarine.”

Kuramoto says the industry has rebounded strongly after a 9.0-magnitude earthquake on Japan’s east coast triggered the meltdown of Fukushima’s reactors.

While the incident prompted Germany, Switzerland and Italy to abandon their nuclear power ambitions, Brazil has no such plans.

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