Mexico Admitted to the Multinational Nuclear Suppliers Group

From Mexi Data

The Mexican government is pleased to announce that it has completed the process for joining the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), after having received the unanimous support of the 46 countries that participate in the export control system for nuclear material, nuclear dual-use goods and related technologies.

The NSG is an informal, non-legally binding group created in 1974 to contribute to nuclear non-proliferation by implementing guidelines to regulate the export of nuclear equipment and related software, technologies and dual-use products.

By joining this group, the Mexican export industry becomes more secure and more competitive, and strengthens its industrial platform in order to continue the controlled development of cutting-edge technology in sectors that use nuclear elements such as power generation and nuclear medicine, among others.

In 2011, Mexico exported over a billion dollars of dual-use goods on the NSG control lists such as steel, nuclear-grade graphite, steam generators , microprocessors, capacitors, aluminum alloys and high-specification drilling equipment.

Membership in both this group and the Wassenaar Arrangement (January 2012) helps ensure that the transfer of dual-use goods and technology, and conventional weapons and their components, are not diverted for non-peaceful uses while also contributing to the safe trade of these products and technology. Mexico is also currently seeking admission to the Australia Group, which controls exports of chemicals and biological agents. As a member of these groups, Mexico will be safer and more competitive.

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