ENI, EU Hold Talks On Row With Turkey

From Hurriyet Daily News

Italian energy company Eni has been in touch with the European Union as well as Rome concerning Turkey’s recent warning to review the Italian energy firm’s investments in the country if it goes ahead with plans to explore for natural gas in Greek Cyprus.

“We are always doing what is legitimate according to EU law,” said Leonardi Bellodi, Eni’s senior vice president of public affairs.

Turkey has recently warned the company against exploring for natural gas off the coast of the divided island of Cyprus.

Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yıldız has warned that the government will review Eni’s investments in Turkey if it goes ahead with plans in Greek Cyprus.

Bellodi, who was in Istanbul yesterday to attend the Atlantic Council Energy and Economic Summit, said, “We are a corporation and we always act within state’s jurisdiction.” In response to questions on Turkey’s attitude, Bellodi described Turkey’s statement as a “mild reaction, raising the issue.”

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