Alaska Gas Pipeline Group Targets Key Decision in Spring 2013

From Platts

BP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil — the three major North Slope producers — and TransCanada Corp., a pipeline company, are working on plans for an 800-mile large-diameter pipeline to a south Alaska port, where a large LNG export project would be built.

“Our target is to have a concept selected by spring, 2013,” Nick Olds, ConocoPhillips’ vice president for North Slope operations and development, told Alaska business and community leaders at a conference in Anchorage sponsored by the Resource Development Council, an Alaskan group.

Concept selection would include a timetable for a project and an assessment of components for the project including pipeline routes and a location for the LNG plant, the companies said in a statement in March.

State of Alaska officials, who are working with the companies under a contract signed with TransCanada, said on background that this was the first definitive target date they had heard for a decision, even very preliminary, on the project.

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